enXco Acquires Beacon Landfill Gas Holdings LLC

Escondido, CA—June 22, 2010—enXco, an EDF Energies Nouvelles Company (PARIS: EEN) announced today the acquisition of Beacon Landfill Gas Holdings LLC ("Beacon").

The acquisition brings to enXco Beacon's portfolio of two high Btu landfill gas projects, operating in Western Pennsylvania at the Imperial and Greentree landfills, respectively operated by Allied Waste Service and Veolia. These landfill gas projects collect and process the gas produced in the landfill to remove impurities and meet quality standards for transportation through the nation's natural gas pipeline system. Combined, these two projects on average produce enough gas to generate 50 MW of equivalent electricity (up to 65 MW in the long run with increased gas production).

The technology utilized at these facilities, reduces by 90% the landfill gas that would otherwise be flared. As a result, approximately 10,000 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) of raw landfill gas can be utilized in the same manner as natural gas produced by drilling. LFG projects reduce methane emissions (a key contributor to global climate change), and improve local air quality, thus contributing to the liveability of communities.

Tristan Grimbert, President & CEO of enXco commented, "The acquisition of facilities that process landfill gas that can be consumed in generating plants complements enXco's mission to grow a portfolio of renewable generating assets for EDF Energies Nouvelles in North America. We are proud to make the Beacon projects our first entry into the North American LFG sector and hope to build on this success with the addition of LFG generating plants, which together with wind and solar round out our portfolio of assets."

In addition to the physical assets, enXco also welcomes key Beacon principals - Ralph Daley and James Schretter - to hold leadership positions in the newly formed enXco LFG Holdings subsidiary. Current operations will continue with no disruption to the process of biogas collection, upgrade, and distribution.

"The Beacon team is pleased by this transaction and the opportunity to join such a dynamic and growing company as enXco." Jim Schretter, former Officer and Director of Beacon and newly appointed Vice President of enXco LFG Holdings, LLC. "We look forward to applying our depth of experience in the management and operation of these first in class LFG projects to enXco's already impressive renewable energy portfolio."

About enXco, an EDF EN Company enXco (www.enxco.com) - an EDF Energies Nouvelles Company (www.edf-energies-nouvelles.com), develops, constructs, operates and manages renewable energy projects throughout North America. For more than two decades, they have been a leader in wind-energy focusing on large-scale wind projects. enXco's portfolio includes solar and biogas technologies, in an effort to help drive the transition to a sustainable energy economy. enXco has grown to be a significant owner and developer of wind-energy installations and is the largest third-party operations and maintenance provider for wind farms in North America.

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