enXco, Inc. has been selected to develop and construct KCP&L’s first wind-powered generation project

Kansas City, Mo—December 13, 2005—Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L), a subsidiary of Great Plains Energy (NYSE: GXP), and enXco, Inc., announced today that enXco, Inc., c. The 100.5-megawatt Spearville Wind Energy Facility will be constructed near Spearville, KS, approximately 15 miles northeast of Dodge City, and is scheduled to be in service by October 1, 2006.

"Renewable energy is an important component of our comprehensive plan to meet the growing energy needs of the Kansas City area," said Mike Chesser, Chairman and CEO of Great Plains Energy. "Along with our new power plant near Weston, Mo. demand response and energy efficiency programs, the wind facility is part of our balanced approach to power generation that will provide significant environmental and economic benefits."

The wind farm project supports Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius' challenge to the Kansas Energy Council to "develop low-cost, reliable and renewable energy sources" while balancing conservation and environmental needs.

"I applaud KCP&L for responding to my challenge to move Kansas into a new era of energy production in an environmentally responsible manner," said Governor Sebelius. "Kansas is one of the top wind-producing states in the country, and KCP&L's investment in this project is a giant step toward Kansas harnessing our considerable renewable energy resources, while safeguarding the environment."

KCP&L considered multiple locations before selecting the Spearville site. "As part of our diverse energy generation portfolio, the Spearville Wind Energy Facility will help provide a clean, affordable source of energy for years to come," said Bill Downey, president and CEO of KCP&L. "Spearville is an ideal location for this facility because it offers strong wind resources, meets our environmental guidelines and has the support of landowners and the community."

"enXco is delighted to have been awarded with this milestone project for KCP&L. It certainly reflects on enXco's superb track record as a top tier developer in the Wind Power industry as well as our ability to work with Utilities across the country" says David Corchia, enXco's Chief Executive Officer. "We have worked with the Spearville community for the last couple years in developing this project; and enXco looks forward, with the community's continued help and support, to capitalize further on this vast wind resource with a premier Utility like KCP&L."

"KCPL has strived to be sensitive to natural resources of special concern in Kansas with this selection process and is providing the type of corporate leadership that everyone should applaud," said Ron Klataske, executive director, Audubon of Kansas. "This appears to be a win-win selection for KCP&L, appropriate wind power development, the community of Spearville and the state."

"The site does not include irreplaceable native prairie landscapes, wetlands or other critical wildlife habitats," continued Klataske. "It does not appear to be located in a major migratory bird concentration or "thoroughfare" area, will not substantially degrade important grassland bird nesting areas, and will not adversely impact any of the state's most acclaimed scenic resources."

Headquartered in Kansas City, MO., KCP&L (www.kcpl.com) is a leading regulated provider of electricity in the Midwest. KCP&L is a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Plains Energy Incorporated (NYSE: GXP), the holding company for KCP&L and Strategic Energy LLC, a competitive electricity supplier.

enXco (www.enxco.com) develops, constructs, operates and manages wind energy projects throughout the United States. Since 1987, enXco has grown to be a significant owner of wind-energy installations in the United States (298 MW) and one of the leading and largest O & M 3rd party providers for wind farms, currently servicing more than 4,000 turbines and more than 1,000 MW. Since 2002 enXco has been an affiliate of EdF Energies Nouvelles.

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