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Wind as a source of energy has numerous advantages.  Wind is renewable and clean. Wind protects air and water quality. Wind helps offset other, more polluting sources of energy.  When we use our wind farms to generate electricity, we provide long-term, fixed pricing in an environment where pricing is constantly increasing, while also reducing CO2 emissions, the leading greenhouse gas.

Wind energy also provides several economic benefits - jobs in manufacturing, construction and wind farm operations are created as a result of project development; landowners enjoy an additional income stream and local communities reap benefits from resulting tax revenues.

At EDF Renewable Energy, we create real value from the power of wind, earning our partner's respect and confidence, and delivering the best possible services and results.

Our Project Development team is dedicated to creating value by managing projects from origination through commercial operation and beyond to long-term operations and maintenance. We work constructively with owners and developers to simplify the process by consolidating all the service involved in project development.  We develop the project, secure financing, manage the physical assets over the life of the project, and provide operations and maintenance support to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project.