Distributed Solutions

Education & Nonprofits

Active solar PV projects provide schools and nonprofit organizations with a unique learning opportunity. Students and community members have a hands-on opportunity to learn about green technologies and solar projects through tools and real-time data. Solar arrays can be installed on campus grounds, building roofs, or even offsite locations allowing for easy flexibility across the campus for maximum benefits.

Educational Benefits

In addition, solar systems can be readily integrated into the educational curriculum, and are easily coordinated with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) initiatives.

Examples of some of our work with Education & Nonprofits:

Mohawk Valley Community College
Soquel High School
Longwood Gardens

Myles Burnsed

Vice President, New Markets

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Myles Burnsed leads the Distributed Solutions market strategy and new market development efforts. Myles has played a key role in the development of over 100 MW of distributed solar energy projects in over a dozen states. Today he is responsible for originating distributed solar projects across North America; clients include utilities, municipalities, and electric cooperatives.