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Blade Inspection and Repair

Many owners don’t think of blade inspections and repairs as a top priority- until they experience a failure. Not only are damaged blades a large contributor to wind farm under performance, but they can be costly to fix if problems aren’t caught early. EDF Renewables is a leader in advanced blade inspection processes. Using state-of-the-art technology, our technicians inspect and grade each blade based on our Blade Inspection Damage Grading Procedure. EDF Renewables then formulates a plan with owners to remedy problems.

We have over 20 years of experience in wind turbine blade inspections and offer three services levels to meet varying customer needs.

Once our technicians discover a problem they will formulate a plan with owners to repair the damage. We currently have seven Sky Climber Blade Repair Platforms located throughout the country for rapid deployment and have successfully completed over 600 utility-scale repairs. Below are a few of the repairs we have experience with:

  • Gelcoat repairs
  • Lightning damage
  • Tip repairs
  • Leading edge erosion
  • Progression checks from previous damage findings

Download our Blade Inspection Fact Sheet.

Download our Blade Repair Fact Sheet.

Vortex Generators

EDF Renewables has joined forces with 3M to develop a maximum performing, highly reliable and quick-to install aerodynamic enhancement system called 3M™ Wind Vortex Generators. 3M Wind Vortex Generators are tailored to each specific blade type and improve the blade performance by energizing the flow around the surface. This reduces flow separation and increases the performance of the entire turbine in terms of power, loads and service life.

Download our Vortex Generator Fact Sheet.

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