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Reduce Global Adjustment Costs

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Class A customers have the opportunity to dramatically reduce or eliminate Global Adjustment costs without disruption to operations and no money down.  Our customized battery energy storage system with proprietary predictive analytics comes complete with performance guarantee so you can be confident in the projected savings.

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Managing Gloal Adjustment Costs

You can attempt to manage cost with the ICI program or offset the cost almost completely with a storage system.

Some points to be considered in your decision making process:

Out of  the 8,760 hours in a year
5 peak hours determine your next year's energy bill.


Peak hours are moving targets
Technology and predictive analytics can chase those peaks with no interruption to your operations.


Accurate predicting will SAVE YOU MONEY!
EDFR's Performance Guarantee gives increased customer confidence on annual savings

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FAQs about adding storage

Do I need to own our facility?
No, but the remaining term on your lease should be at least 10 years to match the minimum recommended battery operation period. EDF BESS systems have a 15+ year life.
I don't have capital for investing in non-core projects, what options do I have?

No capital, no problem. EDF can evaluate your company's financials, and if approved, we can finance the proposed solution under our We Pay - You Save™ shared savings program.

Isn't battery technology unproven?
Not so. EDF has been using batteries at nuclear stations and micro-grids throughout the world over the last 30 years. We have 330MW of deployed systems and R&D labs that qualify and test technologies we propose, and have Ontario projects in the works for 2019 installation.
Global Adjustment charges are not fixed and timing the system peaks is risky, how do you manage the risk?
EDF understands the variable revenue stream behind Global Adjustment and has modeled a realistic view of future expected charges. Our office in Toronto closely follows all developments in the Ontario electricity sector. And critically, through our expertise in managing generation and customer load throughout the world, we have developed proprietary tools ideally suited for predicting IESO system peaks with confidence.
How much space do I need for batteries?
1MW of batteries typically requires a 12'x12' isolation transformer pad and a 10'x 40' battery/PCS pad. All equipment is outdoor rated.
What does EDF need to evaluate my facility?
At a minimum: a copy of one summer and one winter utility bill. Optional: if available, 15-minute interval load data will allow us to evaluate additional monthly peak shaving opportunities.
How long does it take to install a battery and is there a best time for start of operation?
Due to equipment lead time and interconnection approval process, customers should budget a 9-month timeline from contract execution to commercial operation start date. The best time to start battery operation is before May 1 when the base period that measures system peaks starts.

FAQs about ICI

What Is The ICI Program

The Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) is a government program introduced by the IESO to reduce the costs of managing Ontario’s electricity infrastructure. In exchange for reducing electricity usage for 5 hours each year, industrial companies are able to reduce their electricity costs by $500,000 per MW.

Why The ICI Program Exists

The grid is built to meet peak load
Storing electricity is very expensive, so the grid is built to meet the peak load – even if it only lasts for a single hour.

By reducing peak load, we all save
By reducing usage during these peak hours, the entire grid can be built smaller – saving billions of dollars.

The grid needs help to reduce peak load
To save money, the grid needs businesses to help reduce load during these peak hours that occur every year.

Who Qualifies For The ICI Program

Businesses with a peak load over 1MW
The ICI Program is open to any business in Ontario that has an average monthly peak load greater than 1MW.

Industry and greenhouses qualify with 0.5MW
An exception is made for industry and greenhouses, they qualify if their peak load is greater than 500KW.

How To Earn Savings

Pay a portion of the provincial costs
In the ICI Program, you will pay a percent of Ontario’s electricity costs equal to your usage during peak hours.

Earn savings by reducing peak load
By reducing usage during the peak hours, you will earn significant savings by reducing the percent you pay.

There are only 5 peak hours
Savings are based on your usage during 5 peak hours, the rest of the year you can use electricity normally

How Much Savings Are Available

Savings appear as a reduced GA charge
As payment, your utility will reduce Global Adjustment charges on your monthly electricity bill.

Possible to save up to 70%
If your business can reduce peak usage to 0MW, you can reduce your monthly electricity costs by up to 70%.

Save more as GA charges increase
Since the ICI Program began, Global Adjustment costs have increased leading to increased potential savings.

When The Peak Hours Occur

Usually during summer and winter
All of the peak hours occur during extreme weather events, usually abnormally cold or hot days.

Usually between 3pm and 8pm
Most of the peak hours are caused by homeowners coming home after 3pm and increasing their usage.

Becoming harder to predict
The peak hours have become harder to predict as more companies join the ICI Program each year.