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Energy Project DevelopmentThe EDF Renewable Energy Project Development team is dedicated to creating value by managing projects from origination through commercial operation. Initial efforts involve identifying potential project sites, establishing business relationships with landowners, and securing permits and transmission rights. As the project progresses, our team executes all contracts, secures financing, procures equipment, and assures timely construction for full operation.


EDF Renewable Energy engages in a rigorous process to identify and evaluate the potential of prospective sites, taking into account the energy resource, transmission, interconnection, permitting and environmental concerns. A comprehensive analysis is conducted to identify any potential permitting issues or site concerns that may jeopardize the project progression. Our meticulous standards ensure only the best suited sites are selected. This includes initial site evaluation, resource assessment, and technical and structural analysis.


During the Development Phase, EDF Renewable Energy engages in permitting, site design, and technology selections. With strategic investments and global supply agreements, we have access to a variety of technologies, ensuring the best solution for each installation. Once a site is identified, EDF Renewable Energy begins a thorough site-evaluation protocol. Our Resource Assessment Group performs rigorous technology, resource, and equipment analysis and evaluation. This critical information is used to determine the optimal site design and equipment selection to maximize the project output and performance. At the same time, land is acquired, interconnection rights and necessary permits are secured, and environmental and technical studies are performed according to best-of-class development practices.


During this phase, the Valuation and Transaction team is integral by securing a Power Purchase Agreement or Direct Sale Agreement. Concurrently, EDF Renewable Energy executes strategic supply agreements to secure all the necessary equipment for project construction and selects a construction contractor. Our Project Finance team secures project construction and long-term financing. The Group has closed over $6.75 billion in financing facilities.


During the construction period, the Construction Group oversees and implements all aspects of the system design, installation, and construction to ensure a quality build. Because every project is unique, extensive experience is utilized to optimize every segment of the project. Strict management of engineering, procurement, transportation, logistics, and construction ensures projects are completed safely, on-time and on-budget.

Development & Sale of Structured Assets

In addition to owning projects, EDF Renewable Energy sells majority equity stakes in renewable projects to various investors through the Development and Sale of Structured Assets program. Recent partners include utilities, infrastructure funds, pension funds, and strategic investors looking to diversify their holdings by adding renewable energy assets to their portfolio.

Operations & Maintenance

Once the installation is complete and generating energy, EDF Renewable Services, our O&M affiliate, ensures long-term performance and profitability of the project, providing operations and maintenance services, asset administration, and 24/7/365 monitoring and real-time response from our Operations Control Center. Servicing over 10 GW EDF Renewable Services is the leading third-party provider of renewable energy operations and maintenance in North America.