Heartland Biogas


EDF Renewables acquired the Heartland Biogas Project with Heartland Renewable Energy, LLC. in September 2013.

The project, located in Weld County near LaSalle, Colorado, will use a complete mix anaerobic digester system to produce up to 4,700 MMBtu of biogas daily making it one of the largest anaerobic digester facilities in the United States.

The anaerobic digestion system converts organic feedstock and dairy cow manure into raw biogas. The raw biogas is then processed into pipeline quality RNG. After being conditioned to pipeline grade, the RNG is supplied to Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) through a 20-year Gas Purchase Agreement (GPA).

The Heartland Biogas project marks a significant milestone in the expansion of the company’s renewable portfolio as EDF Renewables’ first project in the anaerobic digestion segment.

4,700 MMBtu
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Press Release: EDF Renewables Acquires Heartland Biogas Project
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