Nautilus Offshore Wind Project

The 25-megawatt Nautilus Offshore Wind project is located off Atlantic City and being develped by EDF Renewables North America and Fishermen’s Energy.  Construction is likely tostart on land early in 2019.

The Project is expected to employ the equivalent of 600 workers for a year during construction as well as additional jobs during operations and maintenance. New Jersey residents across the state could expect to begin receiving power generated by the Nautilus Offshore Wind project as early as 2021. It’s estimated that for the average New Jersey electric consumer, the additional cost of power will amount to about $1.76 per year, which is less than the price of a cup of coffee. In return, an independent analysis showed that Nautilus is expected to increase New Jersey’s total economic output by $150 million with construction by 2020. Maintaining the offshore wind project could add $16 million annually for the state, with a projected economic and environmental net benefit of $235 million.

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Atlantic City-Based Nautilus Offshore Wind Project Under Official Review by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) EDF Renewables North America and Fishermen’s Energy Submit Joint Application for the Nautilus Offshore Wind Project