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Renewable energy facilities represent a substantial investment. No one understands this better than EDF Renewables. Our 30 years of experience make us a trusted leader in the renewable energy industry. Our dedicated team actively manages over 4 GW of wind, solar, bioenergy, and storage projects in North America, bringing a depth of experience and expertise to every project to ensure ongoing profitability for project owners and investors.

By choosing EDF Renewables as your Asset Manager, you are choosing a partner with an owner-operator sensibility and a proven history of successful project performance.

At EDF Renewables we understand that successful Asset Management is not simply monitoring your facility. Our Asset Management Group works each day to develop and recommend strategies to increase project operational performance that translates into positive financial returns in a challenging and dynamic industry.

Management of physical assets is essential to long-term operational performance and the EDF Renewables Asset Management Group delivers the expertise that owners need to make value-driven decisions that optimize performance and profitability throughout the project life cycle.

As an owner’s representative, we understand that our job is to optimize returns on your investment. Our commercial management expertise is the key to successfully reaching your goals.

Our areas of expertise include:


Managing power purchase agreements, hedges, REC sales, and other commercial and energy sale agreements. Negotiating favorable financial terms and sales in the merchant market. Keeping an expert eye on forecasting and day ahead pricing.


Actively managing cash equity, tax equity, and debt transactions while continuously seeking opportunities to reduce overall debt requirements and to increase cash flow.


Ensuring contractual compliance across all project agreements and obligations.


Monitoring and limiting market risk; identifying insurance needs and savings opportunities; overseeing coverage; and filing, monitoring, and negotiating claims.


Serving as a single point of contact. Maintaining professional relationships with stakeholders and project participants, including off takers, investors, contractors, contractual counterparts, and project landowners.


Proactively deploying operational resources to ensure long-term health of physical project assets and to reduce equipment downtime. Identifying under-performing assets, investigating underlying causes, and implementing solutions and innovations to optimize power curve performance and maximize energy capture.


Operational monitoring, maintenance, and mitigation in line with industry best practices to ensure your project’s presence as a good environmental citizen. Local, state, and federal permit compliance.

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