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Get a glimpse into some of the careers at EDF Renewables!


Do you wonder what types of jobs are available in the renewable energy industry?

Get a glimpse into some of the careers at EDFR, from the perspective of those who know the role best, our employees!

John McCown
Energy Trader
Let the Numbers Tell You What to Do
“Most of my job is focused on two tasks,” John explains. “I want to sell any excess or ‘merchant’ generation, and to cover any ‘deficiencies’ or shortfalls in production... My goal is simple: I try to optimize the revenue streams from these intermittent resources in the short-term markets by maximizing profits from any sales of merchant generation and minimizing losses from any additional energy purchases I have to make.”
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Dan Charlton
Director, Digital Transformation, AO
Generating Value From Big Data
“Each department may use different platforms, and those platforms deliver value within the vertical, but merging the data from multiple platforms can enhance its value,” Dan explains. “There’s no shortage of data. But it’s only when humans combine data from different sources and enrich it with context that it becomes valuable, actionable information. That’s when the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.”
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Étienne Bibor
VP, Wind Product Management & Procurement
Optimize Like There's No Tomorrow
“In the past, project optimization efforts focused primarily on equipment, particularly wind turbine selection. With this new effort [Wind LCOE challenge], the company mindset is shifting to look at all aspects of a project—from development to operation—to identify inefficiencies and redundancies and eliminate them wherever possible… As a company, each of us is tasked with rethinking our assumptions and the way we do things”
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Rodica Donaldson
Senior Director, Transmission Strategy
Forecasting the Future: The Challenge of Estimating Basis Risk
"Renewables represent some portion of the generation mix in all markets in North America", Rodica remarks. "Increasing the level of renewables penetration nationwide in a reliable and cost-effective manner is going to require a lot of work. Transmission is really critical to transitioning to a lower carbon electricity supply, so it's a challenge worth waking up to each morning!"
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Conor Jarvis
Associate Director, Asset Optimization
Being a Good Steward of Our Portfolio
Conor Jarvis joined EDF Renewables North America (NA) in 2014 after serving nine years in the Marine Corps as an Air Officer and an F-18 Weapons System Officer. He works in the Generation group, which manages the company’s operating assets, most of which are co-owned with one or more investors.
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John Durels
Director of Operations
Run It Like You Own It
“When the majority of our fleet was third-party projects, our mantra was ‘Safety, Quality and Profitability,’ which was achieved by executing the contract to the best of our ability. Today it’s ‘Run it like you own it!’ We’ve really been working hard on developing that ethos throughout the Asset Optimization group.”
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Dwynne Igau
Program Manager, Implementation
Drawing Upon Past Experiences
Early in 2019, Dwynne Igau transitioned from Asset Manager, Generation, to Program Manager, Implementation. “I took a hard left turn!” she laughs. “I like to joke that the only constant in my career is change. But in fact, I’ve been able to draw on my past experiences when tackling each new role.”
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Alice Hebert
Senior Manager of Digital Platforms
EDFR's Digital Transformation
EDF has set ambitious goals for the next decade. Globally, the Group intends to become the leader in large-scale, low-carbon electrical generation and to double its worldwide renewable energy capacity to 50 gigawatts by 2030. Achieving this tremendous growth depends on executing a digital transformation, and Senior Manager of Digital Platforms Alice Hebert is all over it.
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Patrick Kelly
Director, Microgrid Development
Put that Duck on a Diet!
Patrick Kelly wants to put California’s infamous duck curve on a diet. The former Marine Captain has a plan to accomplish this by selling distributed solar + storage systems to companies and encouraging them to install electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure at the same time.
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