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EV charging is rapidly accelerating, with the United States reaching one million electric vehicles sold by the end of 2020 and more than half of new cars sold by 2040 will be EVs.

Charging solutions must be implemented in the right places and quantities to sustain the growth of Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption.

To meet the scale required of the current adoption trends, businesses are confronted with substantial upgrades to their electrical systems, making EV charging installations financially burdensome and lengthy in time, if not completely infeasible.

PowerFlex created Adaptive Load Management (ALM), a software algorithm that optimizes power consumption across a large network of charging stations. ALM optimizes each station’s output to meet user demand while only using a fraction of the aggregate power traditionally required.

This allows businesses to shave as much as 60% off the cost of electrical system upgrades and peak demand charges, paving the way to larger and more affordable charging networks that ultimately meet or exceed the adoption pace of electric vehicles.

With PowerFlex hardware, you can install 3-4 times the number of charging stations and avoid expensive infrastructure upgrades. Not only can EDF Renewables drastically reduce installation costs, we can also optimize the system to avoid ongoing peak demand charges. With the ability to provide a plug for every electric vehicle in your parking lot, there will be no more shuffling of cars or competing for available charging stations.

PowerFlex offers standalone or fully integrated on-site energy solutions for our customers.


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PowerFlex delivers commercial and industrial customers a full range of turnkey clean energy solutions: solar, storage, smart EV charging, microgrids, and energy management systems. The Company was founded in 2017 by a Caltech research group who developed a patented Adaptive Load Management (ALM) technology to optimize power consumption across a large network of charging stations. PowerFlex Systems was acquired by EDF Renewables North America in 2019, and consolidated with EnterSolar, a leading commercial solar developer, in 2021 to expand its on-site solar offerings.

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