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Solar energy maintenance for equipmentKeeping Green Energy Profitable

With experienced on-site personnel consisting of over 450 full-time technicians, supervisors, managers, and support staff, EDF Renewables is fully equipped to perform all required services for your renewable energy project. We ensure installation conforms to owner’s direction, manufacturer’s instruction, equipment requirements, and industry best practices to optimize project availability.

EDF Renewables offers customizable and flexible service plans that adapt to fit a wide spectrum of customer needs. You can trust that our team will support your project as if it were our own, bringing a sense of ownership and pride.

We design preventative maintenance programs encompassing inspections, plant check-ups and incident analysis, and can arrange for corrective maintenance to be performed on site. Spare parts and tool inventories are optimized to coincide with owner’s budget constraints. We work closely with our customers to keep maintenance costs as low as possible, sharing budgetary data on a fully transparent basis.

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