Distributed Electricity and Storage

Adding Value Behind the Meter

Behind the meter distributed energy solutions are a powerful way of securing long term cost effective energy. Solar and Energy Storage solutions can hedge against volatile energy costs and demand charges, while also providing clean emergency back-up generation on-site. EDF RE offers holistic on-site energy solutions and services that are tailored to each customer’s unique characteristics and operations.

As a subsidiary of one of the largest energy companies in the world, EDF RE is a single interface that provides comprehensive turnkey energy storage and solar energy solutions. The EDF Group has installed more than 300 MW (824 MWh) of Energy Storage Projects worldwide, while in North America, EDF RE has developed 9 GW of Renewable Energy projects. EDF’s advanced holistic solutions leverage EDF Store and Forecast’s PEGASE Energy Management System as the command and control layer that communicates with storage, load, and generation assets in order to forecast, optimize, and control operational energy. EDF’s in depth solar and energy storage experience combination with the PEGASE EMS software are a powerful platform to deliver fixed long term on-site energy service contracts.

In coordination with our affiliates, EDF Energy Services and Groom Energy, we can further provide commodity supply and energy efficiency equipment and services.

Distributed Electricity and Storage for Energy Users         Distributed Electricity and Storage for Utilities