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About Us

Designing and building the future of distributed generation with an integrated solar,
storage, electric vehicle charging and energy storage management solutions.

EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions originates, develops, builds, and operates customer-focused renewable energy projects that incorporate solar, storage, electric vehicle charging, and energy storage management.

Our dedicated team of developers, engineers, construction managers and O&M, finance and legal professionals work with you to provide solar, storage, EV charging, and  storage management solutions that are easy, accessible, and responsive to your needs and the communities in which these systems and you operate. Distributed Solutions has successfully developed and installed over 380 MW of solar projects throughout the United States, and has leveraged that experience in partnership with solar developers, IPPs, utilities, off-takers, suppliers and landowners to streamline project development, design, construction, and operations, drive down project costs, and innovate to create value for stakeholders.

Project Development

Distributed Solutions has successfully developed solar projects throughout the United States that range in size from 500 kW to 30 MW, and recently has developed 2 to 4 MW storage installations. We manage the entire project life-cycle from development through design, finance, construction, and operations. We deploy our industry experience and affiliate relationships to help our clients navigate and benefit from the complex and ever-changing policy and market dynamics of the renewable energy sector. Our team approach to development and strong balance sheet enable us to bring each project to fruition, reducing transaction costs and ensuring transparency.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Distributed Solutions provides operations and maintenance support for solar, solar + storage, and EV charging projects, whether or not initially designed and installed by us. Our O&M technicians provide remote and on-site trouble-shooting, warranty, and maintenance services to assure that each project we serve operates at maximum efficiency.


Distributed Solutions provides financing support for our projects. For some projects, we partner with third-party financing resources to provide 100% project financing based on project revenue streams, savings, and incentives. Our strong balance sheet enables us to offer construction stage financing to qualified project owners. Our experienced finance and legal team can facilitate a variety of financing strategies for projects including:

  • Third-party ownership
  • Lease structures
  • Direct ownership
  • Debt and bond financing
  • Provision of federal and state tax equity
  • Management of solar renewable energy credits
Engineering, Procurement, & Construction

EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions is an industry leader in EPC solutions for solar and solar + storage projects. For more than a decade we have been providing cost-effective, design, engineering, construction, and start-up solar, solar + storage, and EV charging projects throughout North America.

Distributed Solutions has strong relationships with top suppliers of panels, inverters, racking systems, and data system technologies. We deploy our industry experience and affiliate relationships to control costs, streamline project delivery, and innovate. We have deep experience in designing, developing, and constructing solar, photovoltaic generation systems on environmentally‑sensitive sites, including landfills, brownfields, and wastewater treatment plants.

Our EPC team leads clients through the design, procurement, and construction process ensuring that project needs are met from design through commercial operation. Our design and engineering capabilities include:

  • PV system design and layout
  • Electrical single-line diagrams
  • Energy modeling
  • Electrical construction documents
  • Civil, survey, and environmental design
  • Geotechnical subsurface investigations
  • Structural design of posts, piers, and racking systems in collaboration with OEM partners
  • Other design and engineering as required for specific project requirements
  • Commissioning and operational support

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