Ashburnham Solar


Ashburnham Solar is a 4MW solar farm built by EDF Renewables for the Massachusetts utility Ashburnham Municipal Light Plant (AMLP). Ashburnham is most unique in that the project utilized two technologies on the site: conventional solar PV modules with two central inverters and tenK Solar’s innovative PV system. The tenK Solar system uses cell-independent modules, inter-row static reflection, and redundant inversion technology to maximize energy production and energy density, and virtually eliminate shading concerns.  With a mid-winter deadline for commercial delivery of power, and a location with an atypical snowfall average, all aspects of the initial scope had to be completed on a very precise and expedited schedule.

The site began as a fully wooded 20-acre parcel with unknown topographic conditions and extreme concerns for shading. In order to prepare the site, the team spent ten full days clearing trees and stumps, and an additional ten days removing a significant quantity of large boulders that were found below grade. As a result of careful project management and partner collaboration, the site was cleared and prepped, the array was built, concrete pads and inverters were set, and electrical was complete all before the first snow in early December.

“I am pleased to say that EDF Renewables presented a very professional image from day one. They moved through the Town’s permitting process with ease, and on to the construction phase. It was apparent from the beginning that their planning and scheduling prior to and during construction was meticulous. What seemed to be effortless progress, I am sure was a result of many hours of planning and scheduling. They met all their milestones, in difficult weather conditions, and brought the project on-line with time to spare,” Commended AMLP’s Manager, Stan Herriott.

Ashburnham Solar was developed by tenK Energy, was designed and constructed by EDF Renewables, and is owned by a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Services. The solar farm consists of over 12,000 Renesola modules and approximately 670 Ten K Solar modules. The solar farm will annually generate approximately 5,000,000 kWh, which is enough energy to power about 600 homes.

4 MW
TenK Solar 410W Modules
Renesola 305W Modules
TenK Solar Inverters
PowerOne Inverters