Burlington Schools


EDF Renewables provided EPC services for this solar PV project for the Burlington, Vermont, School District. The system was paid for largely in part by grants from Vermont’s Renewable Energy Resource Center and Federal Treasury Grant 1603. The investment will produce enough solar electricity in the first five years of operation to pay for itself and was built through by way of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Burlington schools will purchase the solar electricity generated by the system, but the system itself is owned by third-party developer, Encore Redevelopment.

“Encore Redevelopment is excited to be working with Burlington Schools and the Burlington Electric Department in a partnership to promote energy on schools in Vermont’s largest city.”
Nick Rickardson, Director of Operations, Encore Redevelopment

The project occupies two rooftops, including 137.9 kW on Burlington High School and 91.9 kW on CP Smith Elementary School. The array on the high school is a fixed-mount array on pitched and flat roofs, using a penetrated and ballasted racking system. The array on the elementary school is solely ballasted.

This project is a true testament to EDF Renewables’s construction capabilities and ability to stay on schedule and meet strict deadlines. The seven week construction schedule began in early December and crews worked daily through the dead of the New England winter to complete the project on time and within budget.

“Our crews and project management team are the best and most committed in the industry,” said Project Executive Rod Viens, Executive Vice President, EDF Renewables. “It’s no surprise the New England winter elements are brutal. I commend our crews for working through those conditions with such positive attitudes.”
This speaks volumes of EDF Renewables’s employees and subcontractors.

Both EDF Renewables and Encore Redevelopment are Vermont-based companies. This project also created jobs for nearly a dozen subcontracted employees.

0.23 MW
Motech 240 Watt Poly PV Modules
8kW SMA Inverters