Clean Harbors


Clean Harbors Environmental Services (NYSE: CLH) chose to install a solar power system at its Bridgeport, New Jersey facility to offset more than 90% of the facility’s annual electric bill.  Prior to the installation, the facility’s annual electric bill was $250,000.

Most of the facility’s electricity is used to run pump and treatment equipment to pump contaminated ground water, treat it, and then discharge it into Raccoon Creek.  The 6,500+ PV modules sit on top of a capped landfill, which was thought to have no development potential.

The $6.5 million project was funded with capital funds.  Clean Harbors chose to install solar because it not only made environmental sense, but also financial sense.  Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC), a 30% federal tax credit and rising New Jersey electric rates will substantially increase Clean Harbors’ return on investment.

This particular system will provide enough electricity to power over 1000 homes.  EDF Renewables was selected by Clean Harbors as the most qualified contractor from a group of several solar installation companies. EDF Renewables’s strong knowledge of landfill sites was particularly important in the selection process.

“We went through the procurement process and hired independent experts to conduct an RFP process among several, qualified candidates.  We chose EDF Renewables because of its outstanding reputation in the commercial solar industry, capabilities and pricing, and because it was the company recommended by the experts.”
Bill Geary,
President of Clean Harbors Development

1.5 MW
Astronergy Modules
Solaron Grid-Tie Inverters