Confidential Corporate HQ


This project truly exemplifies EDF Renewables’s ability to maximize available space for solar PV placement, using various locations on a single site.  This project consists of four separate PV arrays on a corporate campus owned and utilized by a pharmaceutical company, including 925 kW and 293 kW roof-mounted ballasted arrays and a 482 kW fixed ground-mount array.  In total, this project is 1.7 MW in size.

EDF Renewables was selected as the EPC for this project, not only because of it’s versatility and ability to maximize available space, but ability to procure American-made products.  A large part of this project centered around local job creation and utilization of American-made products.  The project was constructed using Motech solar PV modules, a EDF Renewables product line, which are made in Delaware.

“We commend the client for taking the initiative to not only switch from utility power to solar PV, but to also take full advantage of every square foot of available space on the campus where it made sense to install modules,” said EDF Renewables’s Executive Vice President of Engineering and Construction, Frank Griffin.  “One of the most interesting parts of the project is the array we built on the parking garage.  We used a ballasted application to place modules on the upper level of the garage previously used for employee parking, and you can actually see the parking lines in project photos.”

This project, to date, is the largest non-utility solar project in the state of Delaware.  The amount of power generated by the grid-tied solar PV system is enough to power approximately 210 homes.  The client chose to make the investment to reduce its impact on the global environment.  In addition to the environmental benefits, this project is benefiting the client financially by stabilizing electricity costs for the next 25 to 30 years.

1.7 MW
Motech Poly PV Modules
PV Powered Inverters
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