Open View Solar


The Open View Solar Farm is a project of Cross Pollination, an organization which was created to promote the integration of renewable energy and sustainable organic farming. The 2.49MW solar PV system is located in New Haven, Vermont, and was installed on schedule and within budget.

The project is privately owned by Cross Pollination, Inc. and was designed and built by EDF Renewables.

“The entire construction process of the Cross Pollination project, including coordinating the requirements of our Certificate of Public Good, was handled seamlessly by EDF Renewables. We are very satisfied with the project and look forward to working with EDF Renewables on future projects,” said Paul Lekstutis, co-principal of Cross Pollination.

Open View Solar Farm will achieve Cross Pollination’s goal of producing clean, renewable, emissions-free energy for the community with minimal impact on the environment. The system will annually generate over three million kilowatt hours, which is equivalent to powering approximately 350 homes each year. It was also important to the owners and neighbors that the solar array was consistent with the aesthetics of the surrounding Vermont countryside. EDF Renewables designed the solar farm to comply with agricultural requirements, which allows room for sheep grazing around and in between the rows of solar modules. The design also incorporated the building of a replica sugar shack, similar to those commonly found in Vermont for processing maple sugar. Instead of the typical shade structure for the system’s electrical components, the sugar shack was built to house the project’s electrical equipment.

2.49 MW
Renesola 300W Modules
Canadian Solar Modules