Flambeau Solar


EDF Renewables developed, designed, and constructed this 3.4 megawatt (MW) (DC) solar project in partnership with the Dairyland Power Cooperative and CMS Energy Corporation. Located in Flambeau, Wisconsin, this project generates approximately ~5,000 MW hours of clean renewable electricity, for the Dairyland Power Cooperative,
each year; that’s enough electricity¬†to power more than 600 Wisconsin homes.

The project utilizes single-axis tracking technology which allows solar modules to track with the sun and increase production efficiency by approximately 15-percent. Throughout the design and construction of the project, EDF Renewables utilized numerous local contractors and small businesses to assist in the development of the project.  EDF Renewables is a leading design and construction firm of solar systems across North America with extensive experience in tracking system design and construction in northern climates.

In addition to providing valuable clean energy to the community of Flambeau, the project also provides significant environmental benefits including a carbon offset approximately equivalent to planting more than 90,000 trees or taking more than 700 cars off the road each year.

“The Flambeau project is an excellent example of a public-private partnership that is delivering clean, renewable, low cost energy to Price Electric and the Dairyland Power Cooperative system.”
Myles Burnsed, VP of Business Development, EDF Renewables

3.4 MW