Hart Solar


EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions is developing a 100 MW AC solar project in Hart Township, Michigan. The project is located on the Polk Rd corridor and surrounding crossroads and will interconnect with the transmission grid at the Donaldson Creek substation located on Polk Rd.

EDF Renewables will develop and construct the project which will provide a significant amount of clean and renewable energy to the State of Michigan. The project will occupy up to 800+/-acres of land and will provide significant economic benefit to the farmer landowners and the township when fully built. The project is expected to operate for 35 years with the land being restored to farming at the end of the project.

Sustainable Design and Construction

  • Extensive consulting work has been done to address any environmental and aesthetic impacts; a full wetland delineation is complete and there will be no impacts.
  • Following construction, the site will be planted with native grasses, while portions of the site will be planted with pollinator seed mixes.
  • Evergreen trees and shrubs will also be planted for landscape screening in specific areas where the project approaches residences.
  • Designed to fit well within agricultural settings and uses agricultural fencing as opposed to chain link.
  • Replaces electricity generated by fossil fuels with clean, emission-free electricity, which means improved air and water quality.
  • Will be fully decommissioned at end of term (typically 35 years), and land can be returned to previous use and condition.
  • There are no emissions and minimal noise outside of the project area during operation (equivalent to a quiet residential home).
Date of Operation