Innovation Drive


The Innovation Drive project is a solar, battery energy storage and EV charging microgrid project designed to increase the building’s consumption of renewable energy while decreasing its energy bill and carbon emissions. The project consists of 391 kW-DC of solar PV which has been added to the roof and carports, a 280 kW-538 kWh lithium ion battery and 23 new EV charging stations (8 Tesla; 15 standard), bringing the total to 43 stations.

The battery, branded Storbox, has been designed and integrated by EDF’s Store & Forecast subsidiary, using LG Chem modules. The Energy Management System, Pegasus, has been co-developed by EDFR’s Distributed Solutions team and Store & Forecast and will be used to operate the energy storage system.

EV charging startup PowerFlex Systems, which EDFR acquired in September 2019, manages the EV chargers and ensure they are intelligently managed to reduce charging costs to the building and to the EV owners. PowerFlex also enables EDFR to capture Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits to offset the cost of the EV charging stations.


0.4 MW
Date of Operation