Jacksonville Solar


The Jacksonville Solar Project is a 9.5 megawatt (DC) single-axis tracking system capable of generating ~ 17,000 MW hours of electricity each year. The project was developed, designed, and constructed by EDF Renewables and is currently generating electricity for the Jacksonville, Florida utility, JEA. The project supports the utility’s ‘green rate’ program which allows electricity users within the JEA service territory to choose to power their homes via a clean energy electricity rate.

The project site posed some unique design and siting  challenges managed by EDF Renewables. Given the site’s proximity to the Jacksonville International Airport, a study was conducted to confirm that the array would not produce a distracting glare. Additionally, the site was significantly constrained by wetlands. EDF Renewables’s project design improved the flow of water through the wetland areas with the installation of several underground crossings while accommodating the project’s four distinct array segments.

The project features NEXTracker single-axis self-powered tracking systems, Hanwha Q Cells 335 watt  modules, and Solectria string inverters. The project’s construction also features a 300-meter distribution line upgrade,  connecting the solar project directly to the JEA distribution system.

9.5 MW
Hanwha Q Cells Modules
Solectria String Inverters