Limerick Road


Limerick Road Solar, LLC, is a 2.96 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) system in Shelburne, Vermont.  The project is located on 15 acres of the 1,000-acre Meach Cove Farms, a privately owned certified organic farm which focuses on efficiently using local natural resources. The solar project was designed and installed to enhance the organization’s mission to provide renewable energy alternatives to fossil fuels.

Meach Cove Farms is the owner and site manager for the Limerick Road Solar farm, and the project design and engineering was under the direction of L.W. Seddon, LLC. EDF Renewables was the EPC on the project, and was responsible for the electrical, site layout, and construction drawings, equipment procurement, and the construction of the solar system. Limerick Road Solar uses almost 10,000 Renesola modules which are mounted on a Schletter racking system. The DC power is converted into utility-grade AC power by five Advanced Energy inverters located within two power station enclosures.

The average annual electrical production from the system is estimated to be 3,450,000 kilowatt hours (kWh), which is equivalent to the annual electrical consumption of 385 average Vermont homes. The electricity produced will be sold to Vermont utilities under the state’s Sustainably Priced Energy and Economic Development (SPEED) program.

2.96 MW
Renesola 300 Watt Modules
Advanced Energy Inverters