Marion County Landfill


EDF Renewables designed and constructed the Marion County Solar project which combines two environmentally sensitive sites in order to deliver 7.1 megawatts of clean renewable solar energy. 5.2 megawatts were constructed on a capped landfill and 1.9 megawatts were constructed on a nearby brownfield. EDF Renewables’s experience in designing and constructing projects on environmentally sensitive sites resulted in a well-designed project easily constructed within the project’s six-month schedule. Some of the project’s unique engineering characteristics and design challenges included:

  • Ballasted racking system to avoid disturbing the landfill’s cap
  • Coordination between EDF Renewables and Indianapolis Power & Light on the design and installation of an above ground transmission line
  • Extensive site preparation in advance of construction that included the placement of┬áramps to allow equipment to traverse steep portions of the project site
  • Design and collaboration with the utility for the project’s interconnection which is located over 2,000 feet from the project location

The development of the Marion Country Solar project exemplifies the modern integration of clean renewable energy in areas with limited or no other development potential. In the shadow of a coal-fired power plant, this solar project produces nearly 10 million kilowatt hours of electricity every year; enough electricity to power over 700 homes and the equivalent to removing 7,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the environment every year.

7.1 MW
Jinko 310w modules
Power Electronics inverters