Oso Grande Wind


Oso Grande Wind Project, located in southeastern New Mexico, will include a total of 61 wind generating turbines.  The output of these highly efficient turbines will be delivered to Tucson through existing transmission lines that connect to TEP’s transmission system in eastern Arizona.  Construction is expected to commence later this year with full operation by the end of 2020.


Q3 2019-2020
Operation Begins

Economic Benefits


~$370 million investment in rural New Mexico

This capital investment will provide additional local property tax revenue for local government services, schools, fire and police protection, road upgrades, and other municipal infrastructure improvements on an annual basis, which will total more than $30 million over the life of the project.


$15+ million* in annual lease payments made to landowners over the life of the project (based on 20 years)

Wind energy provides another opportunity for landowners to capture value from their property’s natural resources. This consistent stream of supplemental revenue can protect against fluctuating commodity prices and help maintain family farms and ranches for generations.


  • 125* temporary jobs during construction
  • 6-10 family-wage jobs to operate and maintain the wind farm day-to-day
  • 760* indirect and direct jobs

Wind energy supported over 105,000 well-paying American jobs in 2017. One of the fastest-growing jobs in America is “wind turbine technician,” according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2017, the wind industry supported over 3,000 direct and indirect jobs in the State of New Mexico. The Oso Grande Wind Farm will create and support hundreds of indirect and induced jobs, by way of increasing business activity during the construction period among local hotels and motels, hardware stores, tire repair shops, gas stations, restaurants, and similar businesses.


*AWEA New Mexico State Fact Sheet
*These approximate job numbers are based off of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s JEDI Wind Model. The model is used to help determine the approximate economic impact values, actuals may vary as each projects has its own set of unique variables. http://www.nrel.gov variables. http:// www.nrel.gov

Environmental Benefits

Benefitting the environment by producing low-cost clean energy.  Not only does wind power provide a clean source of electricity, it helps keep electric rates low and protects consumers against fossil fuel price volatility.

Homes Powered
Date of Operation


EDF Renewables North America Enters Power to Build Oso Grande Wind Project Agreement with Tucson Electric
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