Salt Fork Wind

Developer: EDF Renewables
Operation and Maintenance: EDF Renewables
Power Purchaser: City of Garland and Salesforce
System Size: 174 MW
Turbine Supplier: Vestas
Date of Operation: December 2016

The 174 MW Salt Fork Wind project, located in the Texas Panhandle in Donley and Gray Counties, east of Amarillo, achieved commercial operation in December 2016, utilizing ERCOT’s (Electricity Reliability Council of Texas) CREZ (Competitive Renewable Energy Zone) transmission infrastructure. In June 2015, it was announced that Garland Power & Light had signed a long-term PPA to purchase 150 MW of the clean electricity generated from the Project, along with renewable energy credits (RECs). The remaining 24 megawatts (MW) of wind will be supplied to Salesforce. The Virtual Power Purchase Agreement with EDF Renewables advances Salesforce’s commitment to power 100 percent of its global operations with renewable energy.

Salt Fork will be comprised of 87 V100 (unit capacity of 2.0 MW) wind turbines supplied by Vestas. The amount of power generated will be equivalent to avoiding more than 510,000 metric tons of CO₂ emissions annually. This is equivalent to the emissions of 107,000 passenger vehicles driven over the course of one year.


EDF Renewables Signs Agreement to Supply 24 MW of Wind Power from Salt Fork Wind Project