SAS Institute


SAS Institute, Inc., the world leader in business analytics software and services, is the largest vendor in the business intelligence market.  SAS is fully committed to sustainability with an existing megawatt solar electric array at their Cary, NC headquarters.  They reaffirmed their commitment to sustainable practices with the addition of SAS Solar Farm 2, a 1.2 MW PV project that creates enough power for more than 700 homes.

Solar Farm 2 offered some unique challenges and opportunities including rolling topography (in excess of five degrees in some areas) and speed to get the project up and running.  EDF Renewables was uniquely qualified to deliver the expertise and flexibility to execute the project.

The topography challenge was met with nearly 1,000 support posts cut at various heights to follow the contours of terrain with minimal grading.  This fully leverages the benefits of the RayTracker single-axis tracking system.  Attention to detail was paid in the crisp uniformity in sight lines and alignment.

EDF Renewables met the timing challenge by commissioning a full one-third of the project early. EDF Renewables became experts in the local rules and regulations and utilized local labor, suppliers and construction people to get the project done quickly and efficiently.

1.2 MW
Canadian Solar Modules
Sunny Central Inverters
RayTracker GC Units