Spinning Spur 3 Wind

Developer: EDF Renewables
Owner: EDF Renewables and BlackRock
Operation and Maintenance: EDF Renewables
System Size: 194 MW
Date of Operation: September 2015

Located in Oldham County, Texas, Spinning Spur 3 Wind Project generates electricity that is fed into Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) transmission infrastructure. This electricity is then provided to Georgetown Utility Systems and Garland Power & Light, powering about 58,200 homes.

The project includes 97 2-MW turbines. Its construction began in October 2014 and reached commercial operation three months early in September 2015.


BlackRock Close on the Sale of 50 Percent Interest in the 194 MW Spinning Spur 3 Wind Project Spinning Spur 3 Wind Project Reaches Commercial Operation