Two Dot Wind Farm

Developer: OwnEnergy an EDF Renewables Company
Owner: NJR Clean Energy Ventures
Operations & Maintenance: Mortensen Construction
Power Purchaser: NorthWestern Energy
System Size: 9.72 MW
Date of Operation: June 2014

The Two Dot wind farm is located on 176 acres of rural agricultural land, in Two Dot, Montana, approximately 93 miles east of the state capital of Helena. The project began when local partner, David Healow met *OwnEnergy at a wind conference in Montana. He and his partner, Dana Dogterom had already secured the land for the project and had a few years of wind data when they signed on as partners.

David Healow is a 20-year veteran of the wind industry. He has played a role in bringing many Montana wind farms online. He currently supervises operations and maintenance at several wind projects, including the first and longest running wind farm the state, located in Livingston, Montana. He was recognized in 2013 by the American Wind Energy Association for Outstanding Achievement in Distributed Wind.

In November, 2012 the project was purchased by NJR Clean Energy Ventures (NJRCEV) and became operational in June 2014. The energy produced at Two Dot, as well as the renewable attributes, will be sold through a 25-year power purchase agreement with NorthWestern Energy.