Unitil Solar


EDF Renewables designed and constructed the 1 MW (ac)/1.3 MW (dc) Unitil Solar Project located on 20 acres of vacant land which was previously home to a coal, and later, a natural gas power plant. Today, the project consumes only 5 acres of the 20 acre site and is expected to produce approximately 1,592,000 kilowatt hours of electricity in its first year of operation; equivalent to the power consumed by 128 homes over the same period of time.

EDF Renewables worked closely with Unitil to evaluate the site and obtain necessary local approvals. The project utilizes two 500 kW Solectria central inverters and a fixed-tilt racking system by RBI. REC 345 watt modules were selected for this project in order to maximize the project’s generation capacity on a relatively constrained site. The project is an excellent example of how brownfields, specifically sites previously utilized for more traditional forms of energy generation, can be converted or co-exist with solar energy. EDF Renewables has developed, designed, and constructed many projects on land formally used for coal and natural gas production, capped landfills, sites actively used for wastewater treatment, and sites with operating energy production facilities with surplus property now utilized for solar energy production.

1.3 MW