Vulcan Solar


EDF Renewables Development Inc. is proposing to develop, construct and operate the Vulcan Solar Energy Centre (the Project), with an anticipated date of operation in 2023. Once complete, Vulcan Solar will be the largest solar project in Western Canada.

The Project will be situated on six quarter sections of privately owned lands located in Vulcan County. The project will have a maximum of 77 MWac capacity.

The Project will be constructed in two Phases. Phase 1 will be designed for 55 MWac – enough energy to power more than 8800 Alberta homes. The second Phase will be designed for 22.5 MWac – enough energy to power more than 3,600 Alberta homes – combined, more than 12,000 Alberta homes will be powered through the energy produced in the largest solar project in Western Canada.

The Project is situated on 960 acres of private land within the Blackspring Ridge Wind Project, a facility co-owned by EDF Renewables Inc. and Enbridge Inc. Power from the solar panels will be transmitted roughly six kilometers to the Blackspring Ridge Wind Project substation, located northwest of the site.

See map of the project here.

Our aim for the Project is to minimize potential impacts on the environment, the community, and Aboriginal communities.

To date, EDF Renewables has conducted environmental studies and had preliminary discussions with local residents and landowners to design the Project in a way that respects the needs of community members, and accounts for important environmental considerations.

If you have any questions, comments or interests, please contact the Vulcan Solar Energy Center Development Team at any time. Our contact information is:

Phone: 1-844-55-EDF-EN (1-844-553-3336)
Vulcan Solar Project Profile

Key Project Features


The capital cost for the Project is expected to be approximately $155 million.

The Project will be situated on six quarters of privately owned land and is completely within the boundaries of the Blackspring Ridge Wind Project 50 kilometres north of Lethbridge. The cultivated lands within Vulcan County are primarily for agriculture and include;
NW 20-13-21 W4;
SW 20-13-21 W4;
NE 19-13-21 W4;
SE 19-13-21 W4;
NE-18-13-21 W4; and
NW-17-13-21 W4.

In addition to the contribution of annual property tax revenues which will help supplement revenues for the Vulcan County, more than one hundred construction jobs at the peak of construction are expected.

The Project will provide opportunities for the local and surrounding economy during construction through:

  • The procurement of local services, contractors and materials for project construction (i.e. aggregate, excavation, etc.); and
  • Local businesses and hospitality sector.

The creation of one or more locally based full time positions are expected to support and service the facility during the operating period. Additional potential employment opportunities include landscaping and maintenance.

Our goal is to be involved in the Project over the long-term, from development through to decommissioning, including the construction and operation phases.

EDF Renewables is a green energy pioneer and market leader with over 1,880 MW of wind and solar energy in varying stages of development, active construction and operation across Canada.

We develop, design, build and operate renewable energy projects that harness the earth’s renewable resources – helping to drive the green energy economy and create industries of the future.

EDF Renewables respects your right to privacy. Any personal information EDF Renewables collects about you, including your name, address, phone number and email address, will only be used to contact you for the purposes of the development and consultation process for the Project.

Project Phases

Community engagement will take place throughout all phases of the Project, which consist of:
The Project will consist of four phases:

Includes public engagement, environmental field studies, AUC application preparation and submission, AUC approval (the latest issued in 2017).

Will occur over a six to eight month window

25+ years

Six months to a year

As the Project is currently in Stage 1, engagement at this time is focused on sharing preliminary Project information, getting to know the community, and collecting feedback from neighbors, stakeholders and other interested parties.

Community Engagement

See Vulcan Brochure here.

See the visual simulations of Vulcan here.

See latest 2019 Stakeholder Engagement Letter – Project Schedule Update here

Contact Us

Should you have questions, comments or any interest in the Project, please contact the Vulcan Solar Energy Centre development team at any time:

David Warner, Manager Development

Phone: 1-844-55-EDF-EN (1-844-553-3336)

77 MW
Anticipated Date Of Operation