Lamphear Road


EDF Renewables was pleased to once again work with City of Rome, New York to develop a 2.0 Megawatt(AC) solar project upon vacant land, adjacent to a prison, and largely constrained by wetlands. While the site may have been undevelopable for more traditional infrastructure, EDF Renewables was able to install nearly 9,000 panels in order to deliver renewable clean energy to the City of Rome. The project’s economic benefits include approximately $4 million in energy cost savings to the City of Rome over the project’s 20-year Power Purchase Agreement. The project also delivers significant environmental benefits; the 2.0 megawatts of energy produced are equivalent to planting 1,900 acres of trees annually. The project’s clean energy production also offsets more than 2,300 metric tons of CO2 each year! The two Rome projects will supply almost 40% of the City’s electrical needs. For more information about this project, or questions regarding EDF Renewables’s experience developing challenging sites, please click here

2 MW
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