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Suppliers Contact

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About our Supply Chain

EDF Renewables spends a significant amount of money each year on the acquisition of goods and services in support of our business operations. We partner with a broad range of organizations across the energy lifecycle who work with us to ensure safe, secure and responsible generation and deliver fair value, better service and simplicity to our customers.

We recognize the importance of suppliers as stakeholders to our business and understand that our responsibilities extend beyond our own direct activities through our supply chain associations. We therefore expect our suppliers to share our ambitions and emulate our values to ensure safe, sustainable business partnerships.

Our supplier onboarding and qualification processes are risk-based and consider both the risk inherent to the category of supply and the environment into which the product or service will be delivered.

Supplier Onboarding & Selection Overview

  • Basic information provided
  • Able to view and respond to RFx
  • Questionnaire completion 100% / risk map created
  • Able to view and respond to RFx
  • Work on non-high-risk scopes
  • Questionnaire completion 100%; external qualification completed (ISNet)
  • Able to view and respond to RFx
  • Work on high-risk scopes
Critical Product/Service Qualification
  • Specific questionnaire completed and responses validated
  • Able to work on critical scopes
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Supplier Onboarding FAQ

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