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Suppliers Contact

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EDF Renewables requires our supply chain partners to operate in a manner that demonstrates the same commitment to sustainable, responsible and ethical business practices that we require of our own employees.

Our Contractor Safety Requirements and Sustainability & Ethics Suppliers Requirements Manual set out EDF Renewables’ expectations in conducting business. Within the Sustainability & Ethics Supplier Requirements Manual, additional guidance is available through links to the UN Global Compact Practical Guide for Suppliers and the Supplier’s Guide to Diversity & Inclusion. Although these expectations do not replace the terms of business set forth in any contract, agreement or purchase order, compliance with these expectations is a deciding factor when EDF Renewables selects partners for the supply of goods and services required to conduct our business.

Additionally, the safety and sustainability and ethics requirements outlined in these documents apply to all suppliers, contractors and subcontractors in receipt of purchase orders, contracts or tender enquiries from EDF Renewables in relation to the provision of work, materials, goods and services.

Contractor Safety Requirements
Sustainability & Ethics Manual
Diversity & Inclusion Guide
UN Global Compact Supplier Guide
EDF Group Code of Conduct