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Leading the way in developing on environmentally sensitive sites

We provide industry-leading, cost-effective design, engineering, construction, and operation of solar projects throughout North America.

Our dedicated team of developers, engineers, construction managers, O&M service providers, finance and legal professionals are focused on making solar generation accessible, affordable, and responsive to the needs of our clients and the communities in which they operate. EDF Renewables is a leading developer of environmentally sensitive sites, revitalizing former landfills, brownfields, and wastewater treatment plants into solar facilities.

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Helping communities thrive

We have worked with hundreds of landowners across the country ranging from farmers and growers to municipalities and commercial landowners. In all cases, we build long-standing relationships with local leaders and neighbors. We invest in our host communities and landowners and take great pride in their success and the projects we develop in collaboration with local stakeholders. EDF Renewables is committed to our host communities for the life of the project.

With today's focus on renewable energy sources, your land can be more valuable than ever. You can maximize profits by leasing your property solar development, while retaining most of your land for existing or other uses. Such a solar lease then offers a guaranteed income stream for the life of lease. This leased land can also be returned to its original state at the end of the lease term. EDF Renewables welcomes the opportunity to explore the benefits of developing a project with you.


Helping cities prosper

Despite the immense obstacles, U.S. local governments bought more renewable energy in 2020 than ever before, according to new data from the Local Government Renewables Action Tracker. Nearly 100 cities and counties across 33 states completed 143 deals, adding 3,683 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy capacity. This is a 23 percent increase from 2019 and represents enough energy to power 811,000 households annually.

EDF Renewables Distributed Solutions is proud do work with municipalities to provide low cost renewable energy supply that is not subject to changes in price and to develop solar projects on land that would otherwise not be prosperous. We are the industry leading experts at developing projects at challenging sites including landfills, brownfields, waste water treatment plants, and other underutilized sites such as land nearby airports. We have also constructed and developed some of the largest landfill solar projects in America, including the largest solar project on an EPA Superfund site in New Jersey. EDF Renewables has overcome substantial hurdles in projects using innovative solutions to deploy solar systems at challenging sites.

Why consider solar for your city?

  1. Lower price electricity provides immediate cost savings on a City’s electricity bill
  2. Long-term, fixed electricity contract provides price security for up to 25-30 years
  3. Lease income from otherwise unproductive land
  4. Replaces traditional energy production with clean, renewable solar energy


Helping utilities stabilizes electric prices and bring green energy to their customers

EDF Renewables Distributed team works with Investor-owned utilities, municipal-owned utilities, and cooperatives to bring clean energy to their customers. The EDF Renewables Distributed solutions team is a turnkey provider capable of performing all portions of the project cycle. This includes site identification, development, interconnection studies, financing, engineering, procurement, construction and long-term operations and maintenance. We can provide industry leading financial services including Power Purchase Agreements and sale leasebacks or other financial structures for all solar, storage, and microgrid needs. In addition, we can facilitate direct ownership of the solar facility by an investor owned utility and their realization of a 30% investment tax credit with qualified modules that we possess in the U.S.

Corporations & Institutions

In recent years as the economics of solar improved significantly, corporations and institutions not only choose solar to "give back" environmentally, but they now financially benefit from moving to a solar solution.

Why consider solar for your corporation or institution?

Attractive ROI
With rapid payback, strong internal rates of return and a predictable cash flow stream, commercial solar projects can deliver outstanding long-term investment returns for businesses. In many cases, a commercial solar project can generate incremental revenue, effectively creating a new profit center for the company.

No Capital Outlay
With the use of power purchase agreements, no capital outlay is required and economic benefits can occur from day 1

Eliminate Energy Cost Volatility
Electricity prices are highly volatile and difficult to predict. By generating your own clean electricity onsite, you can eliminate your company's exposure to this price volatility and make energy a fixed cost.

Benefit from Government Incentives
Federal, state and even local governments frequently offer attractive rebates and incentives to encourage businesses to invest in solar. Effective utilization of available incentive programs can dramatically reduce the upfront cost of solar, while providing a predictable long-term revenue stream.

Marketing and Public Relations Benefits
Solar positions your business as a forward-thinking environmental leader, while aligning you closer to your local community. Your customers, employees, vendors, shareholders, and neighbors can all share in the success of your corporate commitment to the environment.

Areas for Opportunity

Industrial Sites

brownfields, landfills, or other unusable areas


little to no disruption to farming, dual income

Unused Land

owned by a city, municipality, or nonprofit organization

Water Surfaces

water treatment ponds, storm ponds


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